Puggy will be appearng on Animal Kingdom (Fuji TV, Japan), September 29, 2011.


Appearing  on "Surveillance Camera," News program (Yomiuri Telecasting, Japan), on September 26th, 2011.


Puggy made his first live TV appearance on CBS's new show "The Talk", October 19, 2010 out of California. It was a lot of fun and the crew was very friendly and made us feel welcomed! This was Puggy's first Plane ride and he seemed to enjoy it even though he slept like a baby most of the time. Everyone at the airport as well as on the Plane were very excited to see Puggy and took lots of pictures of him!  I've provided the link of the show below in case you were not able to view it on October 19th.


Puggy appeared on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 "Cutest Dog Special" and also Animals Planet's Dogs101 "Ugliest Dog Special." Both specials aired October, 2009.

Click on Animal Planet's link below to view Puggy on: "Dogs101 Cutest Dog Special"

To watch Puggy on Animal Planets Dogs101 Ugliest Dog Special,  click on the link below from my YouTube Channel, puggykisses.

Puggy appeared on Museum of Astonishment Animals and Pets in the World Broadcast by Fuji TV Network in Japan in May, 2009.

Puggy appeared on  Oops TV SkyOne Network in the United Kingdom in June, 2009. 

Puggy appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos in 2004 and 2008.